“Hue” Can Make A Difference

January – Our work with Conspiracy and VSA Partners / Northern Trust allowed us to make a great donation to the WMCA of Chicago – helping to make a difference in the lives of many women in the Chicagoland area.

Since 2012 COLORplayground has been partnering with many charitable organizations. The goal? To make a difference in the world. Throughout the year, proceeds from some of our color sessions will go directly to a person or group in need. We will help to enable someone to create a business, fund an education, feed a family, secure drinking water… and much, much more. Together, our COLOR can change the world. Wish to be that client? Book your job and enquire now.

Donations from our clients and this effort include support for the following organizations / events:
Chicago Youth Baseball
Feeding America
Chicago Police District 102
Women for Women International
Bags for Wegs – Cancer Support Event
Free Spirit Media
Humane Society of America
Puppies with a Purpose
and many, many others.


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